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# Product Name Available MSRP Discount
O-50-01-60-1Ork 40K Codex RULEBOOK2$49.5022%
O-50-29-24Ork Badrukks Flash Gitz1$130.0022%
O-50-20-16Ork Battlewagon (1)3$66.0022%
O-50-11-7Ork Big Mek With Shokk Attack Gun PLASTIC BOX3$37.0022%
O-50-21-17Ork Bommer (1)4$45.5022%
O-50-10-6Ork Boyz (10)4$29.0022%
O-50-27-22Ork Deff Dread Mob1$85.0022%
O-50-14-10Ork Deff Dreadnought (1)3$49.5022%
O-50-24-19Ork Flash Gitz PLASTIC BOX (5)2$53.0022%
O-50-40-27Ork Ghazghkull Thraka0$40.0022%
O-50-19-15Ork Gorkanaut/Morkanaunt PLASTIC BOX3$105.0022%
O-50-16-12Ork Gretchin (11)4$16.5022%
O-50-17-13Ork Killa Kans (3)4$46.2522%
O-50-22-18Ork Lootas / Burna Boyz (5)5$25.0022%
O-50-08-4Ork Meganobz/Big Mek in Mega Armour PLASTIC BOX2$63.0022%
O-50-26-21Ork Mek Gun Bubblechukka/Smasha Gun/Traktor Kannon/Kustom Mega-kannon PLASTIC BOX3$46.0022%
O-50-18-14Ork Mek PLASTIC3$21.0022%
O-50-28-23Ork Mekmob0$160.0022%
O-50-31-26Ork Morkanaut0$105.0022%
O-50-12-8Ork Nobz (5)2$25.0022%
O-50-25-20Ork Painboy PLASTIC0$26.0022%
O-50-15-11Ork Stompa! (1)1$115.5022%
O-50-13-9Ork Stormboyz (5)4$25.0022%
O-50-09-5Ork Trukk (1)4$37.2522%
O-50-30-25Ork Trukk Boyz2$60.0022%
O-50-07-3Ork Warbiker Mob (3)4$41.2522%
O-50-04-60-2Waaagh! Ghazghkull (Codex: Orcs Suppliment)1$49.5022%