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# Product Name Available MSRP Discount
E-46-02-60-2Datacards: Eldar Craftworlds0$12.5022%
E-46-20-15Eldar Autarch PLASTIC3$26.0022%
E-46-10-7Eldar Battleforce BOX2$115.0022%
E-46-01-60-1Eldar Codex: Craftworlds RULEBOOK8$58.0022%
E-46-15-11Eldar Dire Avengers BOX2$35.0022%
E-46-05-3Eldar Farseer2$20.0022%
E-46-19-14Eldar Farseer Skyrunner PLASTIC0$33.0022%
E-46-46-18Eldar Fire Dragons0$41.2522%
E-46-11-8Eldar Fire Prism/Night Spinner (1)2$49.5022%
E-46-09-6Eldar Guardians w/ Support Weapon2$36.2522%
E-46-14-10Eldar Hemlock Wraithfighter/Crimson Hunter BOX2$65.0022%
E-46-64-19Eldar Spiritseer2$19.2522%
E-46-18-13Eldar War Walker (1)2$30.0022%
E-46-21-16Eldar Wave Serpent (1)1$44.5022%
E-46-06XX-5Eldar Windrider Jetbike Squadron BOX - LIMITED0$40.0022%
E-46-06-4Eldar Windriders PLASTIC BOX0$41.0022%
E-46-13-9Eldar Wraithguard/Wraithblade BOX5$50.0022%
E-46-25-17Eldar Wraithknight BOX2$115.0022%
E-46-17-12Eldar Wraithlord (1)4$46.2522%