Chaos Space Marines

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# Product Name Available MSRP Discount
CS-35-34-1Chaos Cultists (5) BOX3$10.0022%
CS-43-27-20Chaos Possessed Space Marines (5)1$33.0022%
CS-43-18-16Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion (1)1$20.0022%
CS-43-09-7Chaos Space Marine Attack Force PLASTIC BOX0$205.0022%
CS-43-08-6Chaos Space Marine Bikers PLASTIC BOX1$40.0022%
CS-43-22-19Chaos Space Marine Defiler (1)1$66.0022%
CS-43-14-12Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend / Maulerfiend PLASTIC BOX3$68.0022%
CS-43-07-5Chaos Space Marine Helbrute PLASTIC BOX3$54.0022%
CS-43-15-13Chaos Space Marine Heldrake (1)4$74.0022%
CS-43-10-8Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berzerkers Box (12)4$37.2522%
CS-43-17-15Chaos Space Marine Land Raider PLASTIC BOX2$76.0022%
CS-43-43-24Chaos Space Marine Mutilators0$52.0022%
CS-43-16-14Chaos Space Marine Predator (1)2$57.7522%
CS-43-13-11Chaos Space Marine Raptors / Warp Talons PLASTIC BOX1$35.0022%
CS-43-11-9Chaos Space Marine Rhino PLASTIC BOX4$39.0022%
CS-43-29-21Chaos Space Marine Spawn (2)2$41.2522%
CS-43-06-4Chaos Space Marine Squad PLASTIC BOX6$39.0022%
CS-43-12-10Chaos Space Marine Terminator Lord PLASTIC BOX1$24.7522%
CS-43-19-17Chaos Space Marine Terminators PLASTIC BOX2$50.0022%
CS-43-66-25Chaos Space Marine Typhus1$22.2522%
CS-43-31-22Chaos Space Marine Vindicator (1)2$57.7522%
CS-43-01-60-3Chaos Space Marines 40K Codex RULEBOOK - 104 pp Hardback2$50.0022%
CS-43-42-23Chaos Space Plague Marines2$45.0022%
CS-43-20-18Khorne Lord of Skulls PLASTIC BOX1$160.0022%
CS-40-08-60-2Space Marine: Apocalypse Warzone: Damnos - LIMITED RELEASE RULEBOOK2$33.0022%
CD-43-02-60-2Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers CARDS: Chaos Space Marine0$7.5022%
CS-83-04-60-26Warhammer: Archaon (hardback)22$85.0022%